Elmont mother accused of shaking 8-month-old child

An 8-month-old girl is recovering after police say her 25-year-old mother violently shook her because she couldn?t keep the baby quiet.
Authorities say Anna Candanedo was tending to her 8-month-old son Wednesday morning when her daughter started crying. According to Nassau Detective Sgt. Dennis Ude, she picked the girl up and shook her to get her to stop crying. After Candanedo put the child down, police say she realized her daughter was in distress and called 911.
Candanedo was arraigned Thursday on the charge of reckless assault of a child. The twin brother of the alleged victim has been taken away by Nassau County Child Protective Services.
The little girl is in critical condition with internal head injuries, but is expected to be OK. Candanedo is being held on $500,000 bail.