Eli Manning, Westhampton football team build a special relationship on the practice field

With Eli Manning's 16-year career coming to an end, the Westhampton football team is reflecting on a special bond they've created with a two-time Super Bowl MVP.
The Westhampton High School football office is filled with plaques and photos from old-time and decorated players -- but the biggest photo is of Eli Manning.
Manning owns a house in Quogue, not far from the school, and for the last eight years he's come to their field to work out with some players.
"It was like catching bullets out there," says running back Jaden Alfano-St.John.
"He would like walk up, and everyone would be like 'Oh my God, that's Eli Manning,'" says former Hurricanes running back Dylan Laube.
"I think our kids were starstruck in the beginning.  But they've become ... it's a workday for them and it's a workday for Eli," says coach Brian Schaumloffel. 
And the players say they're fun days too, with Manning cracking jokes, giving out college advice and really getting to know them.
The players and coaches say getting to see how a professional works is a great experience that rubs off on them. The results have shown -- Westhampton has taken home a Long Island championship and had three county players of the year in recent years.
And so, in Westhampton Manning isn't just a Giant ... he's a part-time Hurricane.  And now that he's looking for a new full-time gig.
"He's already in the district. We'd love to have him.  All he has to do is make the phone call," says Schaumloffel.