East End: Manna at Lobster Inn in Southampton

If you've traveled to the South Fork through the decades, you've driven by the Lobster Inn in Southampton, and maybe you've even eaten there. But you probably won't recognize what they've done inside.
News 12's Doug Geed visited the iconic and refurbished Southampton restaurant.
There's a lot of history behind Manna at Lobster Inn. The new owners spent two years renovating the 70-year-old restaurant.
And highlighting local fish is a priority.
Donna Lanzetta is one of the partners who bought the restaurant after the town approached them. Trying to avoid townhouses being built on the site after the restaurant closed in 2016, the town pledged to build a new marina here.
Along with buying the restaurant, the owners bought the property across the street where they're building a fish hatchery. That will be part of their off-shore fish farming business, which is aimed at promoting locally grown fish.
So along with traditional seafood, including the restaurant's namesake, they promote lesser known local fish - including porgie and bluefish.