East End: Latham Farms

Latham Farms stands in a spot that epitomizes what the East End is all about. The fertile farm land on one side, sitting right by the bay that produces so many fish and shellfish that we all enjoy so much.
The Latham family has a long history of farming, dating back nine generations. And for most Long Islanders, it would be a long drive to get to their farm stand in Orient, at the very tip of the North Fork.
In fact, heading east, it's one of the last farm stands you come to before Europe!
But they don't seem to have a problem attracting customers to their beautiful waterfront property.
The farm stand is old school - just an old-fashioned roadside stand.
This time of year, it's all the fall vegetables you'd see on a Thanksgiving dinner table - broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, squash and potatoes. They also grow and sell a whole array of flowers. Right now, the stand is filled with brightly colored dahlias.
They also sell local honey, jams from their own produce and sweets on weekends.