East End: Helen's Farm in Aquebogue

Honey garlic carrots, roasted Brussel sprouts with squash, squash stuffed with apples and sausage, are some ideas for your Thanksgiving dinner table.
In this week's East End, News 12's Doug Geed visited Helen's Farm in Aquebogue where they grow lots of things for your holiday feast.
At Helen's they showcase ways to cook all the fresh vegetables they brought in from the field. Although they don't sell these prepared dishes, they're on display as a suggestion.
Mycki McKay says customers are always looking for ways to prepare veggies they're not familiar with, or different ways to cook veggies they've eaten for years.
Farmer Donald McKay says that while 2020 has been a horrible year in many ways, it was a good year for his crops.
Besides the common veggies, he also grows fennel, different varieties of turnips, and broccoli rabe.
They also bake fun stuff like cider doughnuts, apple pie and chocolate cream pie.