East End: Christmas beers on Long Island

There are Christmas trees, Christmas candies, Christmas lights, but how about some Christmas beers? News 12 Long Island's Doug Geed checks out some fun winter beers being produced on our East End that fit right in with the holidays.
The Greenport Harbor Brewing Company is brewing what they are calling a Gingerbread Cookie Pie. It's the second dessert-style beer they've produced at the company this year. The first was kind of a jacked-up version of their popular pumpkin ale Leaf Pile.
Meanwhile, at Long Ireland Beer Company in Riverhead they have a slew of seasonal suds. Their Winter Ale is a red spiced ale. There's also the big and bold and dark Doc Holliday's Imperial Stout. A much subtler beer is the Chocolate Porter - it's not at all sweet or dessert-like, it leans more to an almost bitter chocolate. And then there's Jelly Ring - an extremely popular beer that has the Chocolate Porter in it, and came about by accident.