E. Northport woman, shih tzu attacked by dogs

Police say an East Northport woman and her dog are recovering after a neighbor's dogs broke through the fence of a yard and attacked them Wednesday afternoon.
Edie Brannigan says she was waiting at the bus stop for her son when the neighbor's pit bull and boxer broke down part of the fence and charged down the street. Brannigan says she didn't see the loose dogs until they were attacking her shih tzu, Molly.
According to Brannigan, the dogs had their jaws around Molly's neck, and tore at her stomach and legs. Brannigan tried to fight the two canines off, but the dogs bit her hand and continued attacking Molly. She says she screamed for help and was finally aided by Skip Hall, a grandfather who lives down the block.
Angel Hageland, the owner of the pit bull and boxer, says the dogs are normally friendly. She apologized to Brannigan and offered to help pay any medical bills.
Molly is in stable condition, with a broken leg.