Dog Day Fridays for November 16

<p>This week's dogs are up for adoption at Bobbi and the Strays.</p>

News 12 Staff

Nov 15, 2018, 8:13 PM

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Dog Day Fridays for November 16
This week's dogs are up for adoption at Bobbi and the Strays. The shelter is located at 2 Rider Place in Freeport. The phone number is (516) 378-4340.
Astro is a 9-year-old Spaniel mix who plays well with other dogs and is extra friendly with people. He likes to go for walks and play in the yard. Astro has a Grade 3 heart murmur, which will have to be monitored. He will need lots of love and reassurance in his new home. He will give you plenty of kisses to brighten your day!
Aiza is a 1-1/2-year-old Coonhound who is a friendly pup who gets along well with most dogs and cats. She is somewhat shy at first introduction because she is getting used to her new environment and being without the family she once had. Aiza plays well and enjoys running in the yard. She needs a new home that will last forever and a person/family who will always love her.
Johnny is an approximately 10-year-old Shi Tzu who was severely neglected without proper nutrition and cleaning. He could not properly walk because his nails were long. Johnny is now bathed, groomed and gorgeous. However, little Johnny has an arthritic back end, and need some dental work. He is also showing shows signs of a heart murmur. He will have to relearn how to walk and play, but with lots of love and care, Johnny will know what it's like to be the happy little dog he was meant to be.

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