Dog Day Fridays for June 1

This week's dogs are up for adoption at Unchained New York. The shelter can be contacted at or at 631-714-6177.  
Bobby survived being used for dog fighting and was saved by the Valac of Syracuse. They reached out to Unchained New York to see if they could take him into their re-homing program. Bobby is also currently undergoing heartworm treatment. He absolutely loves children. Due to his body condition, he has not been dog or cat tested yet. Bobby is about 4 years old and is blossoming into a loving sweet boy.
Lola is a brindle beauty. She was recently surrendered to the shelter from their outreach program. She was recently diagnosed with heartworm so her owners decided it would be best to surrender her. She is currently undergoing treatment and doing amazing. She is 5 years old and good with dogs and kids.
Rosie was in the shelter's outreach program, but was surrendered after she was hit by a car and suffered a shattered pelvis. She is recovering and doing amazing. Rosie loves kids, dogs and cats. She is sweet, about 4 years old and 23 pounds.