District warns of rubella diagnosis for Bellport High faculty member

The South Country Central School District issued a warning that a Bellport High School faculty member was diagnosed with rubella, also known as German measles.
The school district sent an email to parents Friday, letting them know a Bellport High School staffer was diagnosed with rubella. The email went on to share the symptoms listed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, including fever, headache, pink eye, a cough, runny nose and more.
News 12 spoke with one student who said the faculty member is their social studies teacher. She says the classroom was quarantined and that students had to go to the library on Friday instead.
The school says it was the faculty member's personal physician who diagnosed the case of rubella. The school notified the state Health Department, which could not confirm whether it is in fact a case of rubella. It says it is looking at the patient's blood work. There was no word on how long the testing will take.