District reports another toilet backup at Andrew Muller Primary School in Miller Place

The Miller Place Union Free School District reported another toilet backup Wednesday at Andrew Muller Primary School.
Some parents say they cannot believe the toilet backups were not fixed over the holiday break since the problem started in November.
A teacher sent News 12 a photo of what it looked like when crews fixed the issue in the past. Students have also complained about bad odors, and had to be temporarily moved to another school.
The district says the pipes were snaked again and crews will be back over the weekend to try and clear the lines.
The district superintendent's letter Wednesday stated in part, "We will continue to be vigilant with our reminders of what should not be flushed down toilets to reduce these incidents....we snaked the pipes to clear the internal clog to allow us to open school..."
In a December letter to the community, the superintendent said that one of the possible causes is wipes being flushed down toilets.
Parents say that several bathrooms were closed at different times since the issue began.
Some parents are urging the school to teach remotely until the problem is fixed.
The superintendent says the district will continue to investigate all possible causes.
Meanwhile, one of the district's other schools is dealing with a separate issue. North Country Road Middle School is dealing with a boiler issue that left its sixth grade classrooms without heat.
The students in those classrooms were moved to rooms that had heat.
The district says the problem is being worked on.