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'Disloyal to who?': Jewish leader slams President Trump for comment about Jewish Democrats

A Jewish leader from Merrick says he’s upset by President Donald Trump’s comments about Jewish Democrats, saying he's playing politics along religious lines.

News 12 Staff

Aug 21, 2019, 7:07 PM

Updated 1,741 days ago


A Jewish leader from Merrick says he's upset by President Donald Trump's comments about Jewish Democrats, saying he's playing politics along religious lines.
Trump said Tuesday that Jewish people who vote for Democrats have a "lack of knowledge or disloyalty." On Wednesday, Trump denied he was racist when asked to clarify his comment.
"I heard the word disloyalty and I was wondering disloyal to who or to whom," says Rabbi Charles Klein of the Merrick Jewish Centre. "To the president? The Republican Party? The United States of America? And my concern becomes when the president of the United States uses the word disloyalty and connects it to the Jewish people, that sanctions in my mind the crazies out there… the people who hate Jews… to do things that kill Jews."
Some of Trump's Jewish allies have come to his defense, including the Republican Jewish Coalition in Manhattan.
Long Island voters say when it comes to Trump, everything is politically motivated.
"His statements are all self-serving," says Todd Rabin of North Bellmore.
"The bottom line is Democrats don't want this president in there. And they will do anything to destroy it," says Francesco Labbate of Massapequa.
Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin released a statement about his reaction to Trump's comment, saying, "No matter what religion you believe in, it is critical everyone vote for those who they believe best represent their priorities, which is one of the foundations of our republic."
News 12 reached to the Republican Jewish Coalition for comment. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer tweeted "enough," saying Trump is "encouraging -- wittingly or unwittingly -- anti-Semites throughout the country and the world."

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