Deer with plastic pumpkin stuck on head apparently freed

A deer that had been spotted for weeks in the Ramapo area with a plastic Halloween pumpkin stuck on its head has apparently been freed, according to a post on Facebook.
Joe Miller posted on the Town of Ramapo Community that a friend of his had seen “pumpkin head” in his backyard on a regular basis and they were both concerned for the deer’s safety.
“I made a snare that I hoped would work and he put a hook on a pole thinking he could pull the pumpkin off if was close enough. In any event when he saw the orange pumpkin in his yard this morning he went out assuming the deer was lying down as it was low to the ground and was thrilled to find just the pumpkin and no deer! Apparently sometime last night he managed to get the strap over his button antlers and the bucket fell off. He was gracious enough to leave it where it could be found so we would know the outcome,” writes Miller.
Miller points out the pumpkin that they found today had the same dent on it that was seen in photos that had been taken earlier. Miller finished by saying, “I'm sure this little guy felt all the positive vibes from all that were pulling for him.”