Deep Dive: New Yorkers spending most on food and gas

In this week's Deep Dive segment, News 12's Kristie Reeter looks into what is costing more, and what may be dropping in price.
Caleb Silver, with Investopedia, says that food and gas is where we are spending the most.
"And those prices kept rising last month. Gasoline prices for unleaded gas in the New York and New Jersey area up 5.4%, fruits and veggies up 3.4%, new and used vehicles up 1.7%, and cereals and bakery products up 1.6%," says Silver.
Are we seeing costs go down anywhere in our budget?
"Finally it costs less to heat our homes, and for the energy we use to power our homes, so we did see an 11% drop in utility prices, 23% of that was just electricity so finally some relief at home," says Silver.