'Death Camps For Trump Supporters Now' posters spark outrage in Patchogue

Posters with the phrase 'Death Camps For Trump Supporters Now' are sparking outrage in Patchogue.
The posters depict a skull on a body wearing a suit and red tie, with the writing in red. The Shock Theater Group says that the posters were supposed to be part of a marketing promotion for an upcoming show.
The theater group says it uses interactive horror experiences to address social issues. A group member told News 12 that pictures of the posters, which had been sent to a private group chat, were leaked.
The group claims the posters were put up and taken down a month ago. The theater group says the person who leaked the pictures is no longer in the company.
Suffolk police say they did get reports of two of the same anti-Trump supporter flyers that were left on vehicles in Patchogue last month.