Dangerous heat continues today on Long Island for the first day of summer

Long Island schools reach deadline to submit their reopening plans

The plans are for in-person instruction, remote learning and a hybrid of the two.

News 12 Staff

Jul 31, 2020, 10:43 AM

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Friday marks the deadline for Long Island school districts to submit their plans to reopen to the state, whether it be in-class learning, virtual learning or a mix of both.
Schools had about two weeks to come up with their plans since the Board of Regents handed down its guidelines.
In the plans, districts are combing over many details, including reduced capacity on school buses and training staff how to detect signs and symptoms of the coronavirus – and what to do if a student tests positive.
Districts will also say if they plan to utilize different spaces in the school as classrooms in order to keep everyone 6 feet apart.
Districts will be posting their plans online, so they can be reviewed by parents, teachers and staff.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo says he will decide by Aug. 7 if schools will reopen in the fall.
One parent says if schools cant accommodate all students at the same time, she'd be in favor of alternating weeks in the classroom, because that time with teachers and peers is crucial.
"I think it's too soon, but I'm a little concerned with the psychological and emotional problems it's causing our kids being away from their friends and away from socializing," says Kristin Deegan, of Floral Park. "The other thing is a lot of kids with learning disabilities and challenges learning, they need to be in person to have that focus and connection with the teacher, and virtual is not doing it."
State Education Monitor for Hempstead Schools Dr. Bill Johnson says districts from across the Island have been focused on providing children with at least a partial opportunity to get back into school and have a classroom experience.
Westbury Schools Superintendent Eudes Budhai says educators, parents and community members were all part of designing their plans, which is a hybrid model for all students.

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