Deadline approaches for NY school districts to submit reopening plans

School districts across New York have entered the final days to finalize their reopening plans for the upcoming school year.
Some parents have been filling out surveys about exactly what that reopening would look like.
The plans will either be that students will be in school for in-person learning, whether it will be a hybrid in-school and remote model, or 100% remote learning.
With the plans due on Friday, News 12 went to the Plainview-Old Bethpage Central School District to talk to some parents and grandparents about what they think should happen if kids return this fall. The reaction was mixed.
"I have grandchildren ... I really think mentally and for their spiritual and mental health, they could, but I'm so leery because of the coronavirus," says Wendy Saltzman. "There's got to be ... maybe we could do part-time, but then I'm concerned because my daughter-in-law is a teacher, so I'm like in a quandary right now, it's a tough situation."
"The way things are now, it's not good," says Carl Fiebert. "I don't think they're learning, I know my grandchildren, I don't think they're learning that much that way it is now, so give it a shot."
"The districts are working, I would describe it very feverishly at putting together the mandate from the governor, the three plans, to open virtually, open regularly, to have a hybrid," says Nassau BOCES Superintendent Dr. Robert Dillon.
Dillon says along with considering concerns of parents, plans should also include information about which staff members can safely return in person and who may have a medical condition that would put them at risk.
"We also need to know what students may have medical condition that will permit them not to return and will need virtual services," says Dillon.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo says New York will decide during the first week of August whether schools will reopen this fall.