Dangerous rip tides possible along South Shore

Rip tides are possible at beaches along the South Shore this weekend as Isaias creeps along to the East Coast.
Lifeguards say that no one has had to be rescued, but they expect it to get rougher in the coming days as we get closer to the possible storm reaching the area.
People enjoying the day at Jones Beach say the water's pleasant enough if you're OK getting a little walloped by the waves. Lifeguards say they're starting to see a slight of swell in Long Island waters because of the hurricane off the coast of Florida.
News 12 is told that Saturday saw moderate rip conditions, which experts say is still safe for swimming.
Long Island is expected to see even bigger effects from the storm Sunday night into Monday and possible dangerous rip tides. State Parks Regional Director George Gorman says we also will be dealing with a full moon.
To deal with a rip current, Lt. Ocean Lifeguard Tammy McLoughlin says don't fight it. Either swim to the side or even float.
News 12 is told residents should avoid swimming in the ocean Tuesday. The weather is expected to get better after Wednesday.
Officials say they might consider prohibiting swimming during the week if the water gets rough enough.