Dangerous intersection to undergo facelift

Speeding drivers at an intersection grabbed the attention of the state Department of Transportation leading to plans to fix one of the borough's most dangerous crossroads.
Residents say the intersection of Allerton Avenue and Eastchester Road generates a ton of car and pedestrian traffic, and officials want to crack down to make it safer for everyone.
"There are a lot of accidents here and they're very serious," says Maurice Wright, a nearby resident.
Transportation officials say 55 percent of vehicles on Allerton Avenue travel too fast hitting speeds of up to 40 mph.
"I make sure the light changes, and that I have enough room to cross," says Lisa Lopez, a frequent Allerton Avenue pedestrian. "Most [cars] just run the light."
To alleviate traffic, the DOT plans to build a center median, add bike lanes and street parking. Allerton Avenue also will go from two lanes in each direction down to one lane in each direction in an attempt to slow down drivers.
The project will begin in July and will take several weeks, according to the DOT.