Cyber Monday generates concern over online privacy

Cyber Monday generates concern over online privacy

With millions of shoppers browsing the Web for special Cyber Monday deals, new concerns have mounted over Internet privacy.

Retail analyst Marshal Cohen says some apps can read personal information off smartphones and track a shopper's current location.

The Shopkick app recently announced a shopper tracking program at Macy's in Manhattan. It can track a customer's exact location in the store and send information or coupons for nearby products directly to your device.

Rep. Steve Israel says consumers should be given the option of shopping without being tracked. He says a bill regarding that is currently under discussion in Washington.

"You can opt out of being called by telemarketers, you should be able to opt out of having your shopping patterns traced and tracked when you go online," said Israel.

Rep. Israel says Congress will be taking up retail shopping privacy issues over the next year.