Curran says social distancing rules will be enforced in Nassau

Officials have been urging social distancing for weeks, but some Long Islanders are taking it more seriously than others.
As elected officials continue to talk about the apex of the coronavirus, residents are urged to keep their distance and stay home.
Nassau County Executive Laura Curran told News 12, "We are on the upswing of the apex and people in Nassau need to prepare for the number of people who die from the coronavirus to rise."
She says the new normal is going to be intense and adds that social distancing will be enforced across the island.
Residents are asked to stay 6 feet from one another and it's recommended that they wear a facial covering and gloves when out.
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"Our police, our fire marshals, have been involved when there are situations of people gathering in an unsafe manner," says Curran.
Suffolk County officials say they have responded to calls about a lack of social distancing, but find that most people are not actually violating the rules.
"We are continuing to enforce the emergency orders, the executive orders that are in place, that are designed to reduce the impact of this virus," says Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone.
Doctors say they know social distancing is tough and they are aware of the damage it's doing to the economy, but it's still important to follow the guidelines.
"The economic comeback will come. Somebody who's unfortunately in a morgue will never come back, that will never be able to be returned and I stress to people, that's ultimately what it's all about -- life," says Dr. Aaron E. Glatt, of Mount Sinai South Nassau.
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"We have to continue with the social distancing so we stop the spread, so that we make sure our hospitals can contain and deal with the patients they have," says County Executive Curran. "We need to do everything we can to not add more patients to the burden right now."