Curran says she understands frustration from protesters, important to reopen safely

County Executive Laura Curran provided an update with the latest on the coronavirus pandemic in Nassau.
- 14.5% of all Nassau tests were positive in past day.
- Decrease of 57 hospitalizations, total of 1,161.
- Curran: All reports she has received of people who are out and about at parks, waterways, etc. are abiding by social distancing and other guidelines.
- Curran says to resist the urge to confront, shame people who aren't wearing masks.
- May is Mental Health Awareness Month - Curran reminds of their county hotline at 516-227-TALKS, as well as an app.
- Curran talks about the boat capsizing that happened off the coast of Point Lookout - 'We are all hoping for the best.'
- Curran says she understands the frustration of reopening protesters, but they are under state orders to PAUSE, and must keep county safe.
- Says the county has issued tickets to a few businesses that haven't followed guidelines, but 'most people get it.'
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