Curran requests Cuomo expand indoor sports capacity ahead of Coliseum's final regular season Isles game

Nassau County Executive Laura Curran has asked Gov. Andrew Cuomo to increase the capacity limit on indoor sports venues in New York.
Curran wrote a letter to the governor, requesting the current 10% cap be pushed up to 50% on May 7. The county executive cited the vaccination efforts by the state and county, with Nassau saying it has given at least one dose of the shot to 46% of its population.
Curran says to Cuomo in the letter that she believes fans could still safely enjoy games at 50% capacity, along with the current safety measures that are in place. She also cited the Excelsior Pass as a successful measure.
"As you know, the Islanders are engrained in the fabric of Long Island. With this being the last season at the Coliseum before the big move to Belmont, my hope is that by increasing capacity to 50%, we can give more Isles fans the opportunity to safely "Rock the Barn" one last time," Curran says in the letter.
Islander fan Debbie Meyer says she would totally feel comfortable going to a game at 50% capacity.
"People are getting their shots and everything, so I say yeah go for it," says Meyer.
A bump in capacity also means a boost for area businesses like Borelli's Restaurant Cafe & Pizzeria.
"Hopefully 50% capacity will just be the beginning," says Frank Borelli, owner of Borelli's. "We'll see how well that works."
The Isles' final regular season game at the Nassau Coliseum is scheduled for May 8, the day after Curran is requesting capacity expansion.