Curran: Plainview business sold uncertified, overpriced masks

With people looking to buy masks and other protective materials amid the coronavirus pandemic, Nassau County Executive Laura Curran says a Plainview business has not only been selling N95 masks at an inflated price, but that those masks were not even certified.
Curran says the masks being sold were supposed to be pulled from shelves back in 2011. Officials are not naming the business, but the store is facing five violations and $25,000 in fines.
"It's the policy of the department not to put a name out there for anyone. They are still innocent until proven guilty," says Nassau Consumer Affairs Commissioner Gregory May.
Curran says the N95 masks will have a number on it. You can also go to the CDC's website and look for the number among the list of verified masks to make sure it's real.

"If you're buying this, if you're using this, if you're a health care worker, if you're a grocery store worker, you're depending on this for your health and your safety, you need to know that it is a legit product," says Curran.
With masks in short supply, the CDC says N95 masks should be reserved for health workers and people recovering from COVID-19.
Curran added that residents can report price gouging or any other complaints to the Officer of Consumer Affairs on the county's website.