Curran: Pilot program will provide PPE to 1,000 small businesses

Nassau County Executive Laura Curran gave an update on coronavirus developments.
-Hospitalizations are down to 389 in Nassau. 
-Nassau saw 106 new positive cases for a total of 40,140.  
-There were three new deaths, with a total 2,114 deaths in Nassau.
-After 67 days of quarantine, people started getting back to work during the beginning of phase 1 Wednesday.
-  Announced the Open Streets Pilot program for expedited permits to close county roads, making it easier for businesses to utilize street space and boost capacity and revenue while still following the state guidelines. For example, if a municipality wants to close its Main Street, the municipality could put tables on the street, and restaurants, using the same protocols that they have been using during the pandemic, can deliver the food to those tables. 
-Farmingdale has a plan to transform the downtown to an outdoor plaza, with over 400 socially distant seats. It will use available space, including parking lots. 
- Announced a pilot program that will provide PPE kits to 1,000 businesses. Businesses can apply starting Monday at Boost Nassau. If successful, the PPE program could be expanded. Applications are on a first-come, first-serve basis. 
-New York state officials passed legislation that will allow the Nassau IDA to provide up to  $10,000 in grants and up to $25,000 in a loan program for additional PPE.