Curran: 1,072 new cases of COVID-19 in Nassau; 69 deaths in 24 hours

County Executive Laura Curran announced during her daily COVID-19 briefing Saturday the death of an additional 69 Nassau residents, bringing the total to 792.
She says there were 1,072 new cases in 24 hours. There have been 22,584 positive COVID-19 cases so far – many have already been resolved, according to Curran.
Curran says that the number of patient discharges from the county’s hospitals reached 275, make it the sixth consecutive day of more discharges than new patients.
The county executive says she is receiving many questions about when schools can reopen. She says that she supports Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s regional approach to bringing back schools and the economy in a way that there is not another spike in COVID-19 cases.
"It has to be in a way that's regional, that's methodical and a way that's thought out," she says.
She is urging anyone going through a tough emotional time or in an abusive relationship to call 516-227-TALK.
Updates from Nassau County Executive Curran's News Conference
  • There were 1,072 new cases of COVID-19 yesterday, bringing the county's total to 22,584.
  • "A significant amount of that 22,584 have already resolved."
  • There were an additional 69 deaths in the county yesterday. A total of 792 residents have died from the virus.
  • COVID-19 patients in Nassau County: 2,430, an increase of 5 from yesterday. There were 275 discharges. It's the sixth day in a row that "we are seeing significantly more discharges...than new patients coming in."
  • Number of patients on ventilators: 481, an increase of 4.
  • The Nassau County Police Department has 138 positive COVID-19 cases. There are 161 members in quarantine. There are 170 cleared members of the force. 
  • 51 positives cases in Sheriff's Department. 
  • Curran says "schools are part of getting the economy moving again." She says she supports Gov. Cuomo's "regional approach to getting the economy moving again."
    "It has to be in a way that's regional, that's methodical and a way that's thought out."
  • Curran asks any Nassau residents in need of emotional support or in an abusive situation to call 516-227-TALK.
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