Cuomo: Travelers from states with high COVID-19 levels must provide info or face fine

With COVID-19 cases surging in several states, the governor is cracking down on out-of-state travelers in hopes of stopping the spread in New York.
Travelers coming into New York from states designated as having high infection rates from the coronavirus are now required to provide contact information before leaving the airport, or face a $2,000 fine.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced the emergency health order Monday, where airlines will hand the form to passengers on the plane, but it can also be filled out electronically. Passengers are required to say where you are coming from and where you're going.
As of now, people coming from 19 states are required to quarantine for 14 days after arriving in New York.
"If you leave the airport without filling out the information, not only do you have a $2,000 fine, you can then be brought to a hearing and ordered to complete a mandatory quarantine," says Cuomo.
Some Senate Republicans have called the move an overreach of power, and even questioning whether the order would hold up in court. Another said it was the equivalent of putting an "unwelcome mat" at the door of New York.