Cuomo: New York's allocation of COVID-19 vaccine doses run out

Long Island and the rest of the state are experiencing a COVID-19 vaccine supply shortage that ran out Friday.
News 12 spoke with Nassau County Executive Laura Curran, who says if a Long Islander had an appointment at Nassau Community College, they will receive the shot.
"Our Department of Health, we are not going to make an appointment unless we have the vaccine so we haven't had to cancel any yet, but we aren't going to be able to open as many appointments as we would be able or would like to do if we had the supply," says Curran.
News 12 also received a statement from Northwell Health that is encouraging for anyone with an existing appointment.
The statement read, "Northwell Health is not canceling appointments for vaccines as we only book appointments based on the amount of product in hand. If we don't have the doses, we don't make the appointments. We will continue to book appointments sporadically at different locations as shipments come in, but people need to know that these appointments will be limited as we are managing a very short supply."
Gov. Andrew Cuomo has said the state would run out of vaccines Friday as the federal supply became smaller and unpredictable. Next week's shipment is on the way with 250,000 doses inside, and some say it cannot come soon enough.
"It's annoying in that they want you to get it, they want you to get it, they want you to get it and you try to get it and do what you are supposed to do, wear the mask, stay 6 feet apart. You try to do it and then when it comes to the vaccine, you are kind of out of luck," says Diane Korbel, Westbury.