Cuomo doubles social distancing fines, calls on local gov'ts to enforce rules

Whether New York is or isn't seeing a flattening of the curve, Gov. Andrew Cuomo is making penalties for gathering in groups even tougher.
Cuomo suggested Monday that there is a possible flattening of the curve when looking at the number of hospitalizations and deaths from the coronavirus statewide. But he warned that the crisis is not over.
"The weather is turning, people have been locked up, cabin fever," says Cuomo. "They think it's a nice day, I'm going to get out.  Now is not the time to do that."
Large gathering broken up in Woodmere; organizer summoned 
Cuomo extended the shutdown of schools and nonessential businesses for two more weeks. He also called on local governments to enforce social distancing rules and increased fines from $500 to $1,000.
Suffolk police say they have answered more than 300 calls to the county's 311 hotline of complaints of people who are gathering in large numbers. Officials say so far, the individuals are coming into compliance immediately and fines have not been issued.
'We have a battle ahead.' Bellone says 25 COVID-19 deaths in Suffolk over last 48 hours
"I continue to urge people contact 311 if you see anyone who is violating the social distancing laws or the other emergency orders that are in place, businesses that are violating, we will enforce those provisions," says Suffolk Executive Steve Bellone.
In Nassau, county officials say they have answered more than 400 social distancing complaints and warnings have been issued.
Hempstead village officials say while many people are following guidelines, others are not. They say police will now be out in full force.