Crowd of hopeful vaccine recipients turned away from Rockville Centre pharmacy

As some Long Island pharmacies receive COVID-19 vaccine doses, issues to handle the demand have already been seen.
For many in the crowd at a small Rockville Centre pharmacy, getting the chance for an open COVID-19 vaccine appointment felt like winning the lottery. But that hope quickly turned to disappointment.
All vaccine appointments at Rockville Centre Pharmacy were canceled. According to its website, the store had "severe technical difficulties."
"The program that we started working with unfortunately made 1,000 appointments for 100 shots, which we obviously cannot accommodate," says Howard Jacobson.
Jacobson stepped into the lobby to address the crowd that gathered to profusely apologize.
"I care about people, I didn't mean to waste anyone's time. My staff is beside themselves," says Jacobson. "It doesn't help any of you today, and I apologize to you for that."
The explanation didn't do much for those expecting the vaccine.
"We're upset. We drove all the way here from Levittown, they have the vaccine and we have an appointment," said Laura Maher, of Levittown.
The store is hoping to have a new software program up and running soon, but stresses that anyone who already had an appointment will have to make a new one.