COVID cases tick up among young people: Cuomo says 'Not the time to fight for your right to party'

Gov. Andrew Cuomo quoted the legendary New York rap trio Beastie Boys on Thursday while trying to drive home a serious point about the coronavirus.
"This is not the time to fight for your right to party,” said the governor. "There's an attitude that young people are immune, you are not…the virus can kill you."
Gov. Cuomo launched a new ad campaign that speaks directly to millennials after saying that there has been a 3% increase in cases for ages 21 to 30.
The governor says groups of people including millennials have not been social distancing or wearing masks, citing examples of parties during the July Fourth weekend at the beach on Fire Island Pines and at restaurants in the Hamptons.
Millennials who spoke to News 12 say they do the best they can to stay safe.
Jaime Scott, of Bayville, says his children do the right thing with COVID safety guidelines.
"I feel like the kids have a level of responsibility and they're understanding the commitment," said Scott. 
Gov. Cuomo says the local police need to enforce the law and break up the parties.
In response Nassau County Executive Laura Curran says “Nassau County will continue to take critical enforcement seriously so that we can continue to move forward.”
Briefing Notes:
  • Gov. Cuomo: There were 30 positive COVID-19 cases that resulted from a July Fourth party in Albany. He urges New York residents to stay vigilant, despite the overall improving numbers.
  •  Gov. Cuomo: "This is not the time to fight for your right to party." COVID-19 cases in recent weeks have ticked up among those in their 20s, according to the governor.  
  • Gov. Cuomo reiterates that he spoke with the president about the possible deployment of federal "troops" to New York City. He says there is no cause for a federal deployment and was assured by President Trump that he wouldn't send them without telling him first. 
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