Couple gives nurse RV for free to avoid spreading COVID-19 to sick mother

A nurse caring for COVID-19 patients no longer has to worry about exposing her family to the virus thanks to the kindness of a Nassau police officer and a fellow nurse.
Kathleen McCormack is a nurse at St. Francis Hospital. On top of that, the 28-year-old also lives her mother, who has been sick with pneumonia for a month.
"I don't know if I could be a carrier and just not having symptoms," says McCormack.
So McCormack started looking for a temporary place to live. Her mother soon found Michael Walker and his wife AnnMarie, who had their RV up for sale. Michael is a Nassau police officer and AnnMarie is an RN.
"I said I just got an instant message from this woman that wants to rent our RV for her daughter," says Michael Walker.
Walker immediately replied and didn't just consider it -- he would do it for free.
The Walkers quickly delivered the RV to the McCormack home. Kathleen is now living in it, right in her parents' driveway. She says it has eased the stress and fear of spreading the virus.
"I feel so blessed that they went out of their way to help me and my family and I can't thank you enough," says McCormack,
AnnMarie says it's second nature for them to help a colleague or anyone in need.
"People have been donating food to the hospital - fire department - cops are showing up to root us on - so it felt good," she says.
The Walkers say Kathleen can have the RV for as long as she needs it.