County Executive Steve Bellone gives update on COVID-19 in Suffolk

County Executive Steve Bellone gave an update Sunday on the COVID-19 outbreak in Suffolk County.
-New fatality numbers provided for first time in 3 days - 132 people in the county have died, for a total of 825 in the county. "Those numbers speak for themselves, they are staggering," Bellone says.
-Hospitalizations are down for the fourth day in a row, which Bellone says is "significant," and says the county is hopeful that trend will continue heading into a new week. ICU beds were also down.
-The county has been averaging about 1,000 new confirmed cases a day, but in the past 24 hours the number is down slightly, in the 700s. He says more than 27,000 positive cases have been confirmed in the county.
-812 hospital beds currently available in the county, Bellone says. 
-The county executive spoke about the need for property tax assistance for residents -- but also for the county.
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