"Light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter." Nassau COVID-19 cases continue descent

Nassau officials announced for the 12th straight day, the county has seen a 40% decline in hospitalizations due to COVID-19 since its high mark.

County Executive Laura Curran says the county has two more days to check off the CDC guidelines for a decline in hospitalizations in order to think about reopening parts of the economy in Nassau. In addition, there must also be a decline in the number of positive cases.

According to officials, at the end of March, about five in 10 COVID-19 tests came back positive. By Saturday, two in 10 tests were coming back positive.

"We know the declining numbers of positives and hospitalizations are not the only boxes to check. We need a more robust program for antibody testing for first responders and health care workers," says County Exec. Curran.

Officials say they are hoping to ramp up testing capacity by the governor's date of May 15 for Pause New York.

"Given our current trajectory, barring any hiccups, it is my opinion that we are within striking distance with reopening parts of our economy, like some outdoor construction," says Curran.

Curran also told residents that "the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter and closer."

Lastly, officials say the $237 million given to Nassau from the federal government does not give the county enough money to cover expenses related to COVID-19.
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