Coronavirus triage tent to open outside Mt. Sinai South Nassau Hospital

A coronavirus triage tent that was built outside Mt. Sinai South Nassau Hospital in Oceanside in 48 hours is set to open Wednesday.

People who come to the hospital with sub-acute coronavirus-like symptoms will be directed to the triage tent instead of the emergency room.

Doctors say there will be 20 stretchers and 20 chairs in the tent before they're ready to open.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo raised concerns Tuesday that New York may fall drastically short of the number of hospital beds needed.

"We had projected the apex at about 110,000 hospital beds, and that's the number I've been talking about. The new projections suggests that the number of hospitals, the hospital beds needed, could be as high as 140,000 hospital beds," said Cuomo.

The triage site is not a testing site like Jones Beach or Stony Brook University. It is for people with mild, but clear, COVID-19 symptoms.