Cops bust suspected East End coke operation

A dozen people are facing charges Friday after police busted what they say is the largest cocaine-selling operation on the East End.
Among those arrested was 43-year-old Westbury resident Fred Stevens, believed to be the biggest supplier of cocaine on the East End. Officials claim Stevens drove from his Nassau home to East Hampton every day, supplying the area with drugs.
The arrests follow months of undercover work and wiretaps. Police say Stevens would hide bags of drugs in wooded areas around the East End to avoid being caught with large amounts. He would then retrieve the stashes when needed.
The other individuals arrested either used the drugs or re-sold them, according to police. Tiana Jackson, of Riverhead, is also accused of helping supply Stevens with cocaine when he ran out.
Stevens served a previous jail sentence and could be prosecuted as a persistent felony offender. If that happens, he could face life behind bars.