Construction workers hang their hard hats on stimulus

With President Barack Obama set to sign the economic stimulus package Tuesday, Rep. Tim Bishop (D-Southampton) was out Monday assuring his constituents of the bill?s worth for Long Island.
Bishop says he's been working hard in Washington to make sure Long Island construction workers can get things moving again. He promises Long Island will get $1.1 billion of the stimulus package to repair and modernize roads and bridges over the next two years.
?The president will sign it tomorrow,? Bishop says. ?Within seven days, the Treasury will cut a check to New York for half of the amount - $550 million. Then, decisions will start being made how that will be allocated.?
Out-of-work highway construction worker Frank Marone, of Bethpage, says the money can?t come fast enough. He?s hoping he?ll get his job back after losing it two months ago. He says times couldn?t get any tougher for him and his family.
One of the first road work projects to resume is one on Route 112 in Suffolk. It will put about 150 construction workers back on the job.
Marc Herbst, of Long Island Contractors Association, says as many as 7,000 construction jobs could return to Long Island.