Community members volunteer to grocery shop for seniors

Nassau neighbors are coming together to make sure seniors have everything they need during the COVID-19 outbreak.
Michael Wilkens, of Woodbury, is picking up groceries not for himself, but for a senior citizen he's never met.
"The whole idea is to minimize risk as much as possible," he says.
It's a program set up by Nassau Legislator Josh Lafazan where volunteers go to the supermarket and pick up food for seniors so they don't have to venture out during the pandemic.
Wilkens is one of nearly 200 volunteers.
He says he goes shopping for seniors about three times a week.
"They'll call up Josh's office and they'll say, 'Hey, can I get Michael again?,' and I'm all for it, I'm jumping at the opportunity to help," he says.
After he buys the food, Wilkens cleans it and then drives it to the senior's house where he drops it off and gets reimbursed.
To request a volunteer,  contact Josh Lafazan’s office, call 516-571-6218 or email.

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