Commissioner: Man fatally shot by Nassau police rushed toward officers with loaded gun

A man who claimed he wanted to die and ran at Nassau police officers with a loaded weapon was fatally shot by police Friday night in Massapequa, Commissioner Patrick Ryder said.
The incident happened outside a home on Stone Boulevard around 8:40 p.m.
During a news conference Saturday afternoon, Ryder said a neighbor called police after David Clements displayed a firearm to them and was acting erratically.
Upon arrival at the home, Ryder says the 19-year-old was pointing three guns at his head – two of which were BB guns – and said repeatedly that he wanted to die and to “tell my mother I love her."
At one point, Ryder says Clements retreated inside his home and came back out with a loaded 9mm gun with a flashlight on top of it. He then ran toward the responding police officers.
Ryder says Clements was shot by an ESU officer and died at the scene. He said the incident fits the description of “suicide by cop."
“We stand with our officers. They did an outstanding job,” he said. “Nobody signs up to take a life."
Ryder said Clements had a history of mental illness. His mother and uncle were on the scene after the shooting and were cooperative.
He said all responding officers were wearing body cameras and the videos will be reviewed by the state attorney general.