Commack SD looks to preserve historic Marion Carll Farm

There's a push underway to save the historic Marion Carll Farm in Commack.
The 9-acre Commack Road property is owned by the Commack School District. Located on the site is a farmhouse from 1860, along with multiple barns -- some of which date back to the 1700s.
Debbie Virga, the district's director of community relations, says the Marion Carll Farm committee has met with residents and school staffers to figure out the best way to preserve the property.
The district has three proposals on how to do that, but Virga says they're open to more.
Virga says Commack doesn't have much open space like that of the farm, and she thinks it would work well as a public park.
Cynthia Clark is part of a group that's attempting to save the farm. Clark says her group is worried other proposals on the table may not preserve its historic nature according to Marion Carll's wishes. Their proposal includes a working organic farm, an education center and making the farm a restored historic site.
For now, the gates to the property are locked and no is allowed on site.
The proposals are due by April 1. Anyone looking to submit one can contact Virga at 631-912-2055.