Clorox wipe shortage set to continue into 2021

The rush for cleaning supplies is not as bad as it once was, but one popular product will still be facing a shortage through the rest of the year.
Clorox says you shouldn't expect to see stores fully stocked with their wipes until 2021.
Clorox CEO Benno Dorer said in a statement to Reuters, "Disinfecting wipes, which are the hottest commodity in the business right now, will probably take longer because it's a very complex supply chain to make them."
Dorer says many companies in the industry make wipes with polyester spunlace, a material in short supply as it is also used to make PPE like masks, medical gowns and more.
"That entire supply chain is stressed ... we feel like it's probably going to take until 2021 before we're able to meet all the demand that we have," says Dorer.
Some Long Island shoppers say they're used to them not being in stock, and don't even look for them anymore.
Officials say stockpiling of the product is also to blame for the shortage.