Classrooms burnt in Massapequa school reopened

Two years after a fire raced through three classrooms and a computer lab, the Grace Day School in Massapequa finished construction on four new classrooms and a playground.
No one was hurt in the fall 2006 blaze, but the damage costs rose quickly, and when the insurance companies didn?t cover it all, parents stepped in.
Families and the community raised money for the school to rebuild, and now kids can enjoy their new playground.
?I really like it, the grass is really bouncy and hopscotch is my favorite thing to do,? says Skye Bates, a student at the school.
Laurence Anderson, the head of the school, stresses the lesson learned by her students. ?When you have adversity ? and there will be adversity in your life at one point or the other ? the important thing is to rally together? and to learn how to overcome obstacles,? she says.