Churches across Long Island livestream Easter Services

Several churches across Long Island livestreamed Easter Mass due to social distancing orders.

They say people will still be able to enjoy Easter Mass, just from their own home.

"It's very strange," said Pastor David Grainson, from Holy Trinity Lutheran Church. "I mean, I'm used to, especially on a day like this, having people together and talking before service, after service. Connecting, checking in 'How are you doing?' But to stand up there and especially to preach a message, and I know the people are receiving it on their screens, but to preach a message to empty pews. I'm still not quite used to that yet."

The church normally has an Easter egg hunt outside after Mass. This year, they did it drive-thru style and gave a basket to kids in their parents' cars.

Pope Francis also livestreamed Easter service Saturday night.
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