Child safety technology promoted in NYC

A company dedicated to finding missing children has created a new technology that allows parents to upload vital information about their children and send it to police.
The company, Amber Ready, hosted a program Monday in Manhattan to showcase the cell phone program, which costs $50 for a two-year subscription. Parents who sign up for the program can create "missing child" posters, including photos, weight, height and other information about their kids and save them on their phones in the event their child goes missing. The information can be sent to police using the cell phone.
Amber Ready officials say more than 2,000 children go missing every day in the United States. Frank DelVecchio, the senior vice president of Amber Ready, says the company is trying to educate parents about child safety and the company's program.
"There's a misunderstanding among parents that they have to wait 24 hours before they can report their child missing," DelVecchio says. "That's why we're doing this tour."
Amber Ready officials say there is a rebate offer for the service. The company will tour 30 U.S. cities to promote the cell phone technology.