Chief judge: NY in-person jury trials aimed for 'limited' return next month

It's been nearly a year since our court systems have been running at full speed, but now there's new information about when jurors could be back in the box.
The chief judge for the Unified Court System announced that they are working to begin a "limited number of jury trials statewide." News 12 is told the goal is to start in a month.
The system has been holding virtual hearings and bench trials since November. Some attorneys and plaintiffs in civil cases are pushing for the resumption of the in-person process.
"Everything is basically at a standstill when it comes to cases on the trial calendar because there's no incentive for the insurance company to settle if there's no threat of going to trial," says attorney Chris McGrath. "You feel really bad for the seriously injured, or the elderly because they can't get their cases resolved through no fault of their own, and their families are devastated, they really need these cases to be resolved."
Brielle Ross says she was seriously injured in a car accident two years ago in Kings Park. She's sued and has been trying to get a civil settlement ever since to help cover her ongoing medical costs.
"It's all on me, just in terms of treatment, I'm always at physical therapy, continuing my treatment, learning how to manage my life this way," says Ross.
A spokesman for the state court system responded on whether preference will be given to criminal or civil cases. He said, "It will depend on a number of variables and which cases would be trial ready on March 22nd. March 22nd is the goal."