Check out nature’s life cycles at the Marshlands Conservancy in Rye

Take in some vibrant views of the Long Island Sound at the Marshlands Conservancy in Rye on this week’s Road Trip: Close to Home.
Get up close and personal with nature by exploring the walking trails, they'll take you through 148 acres that make up the Marshlands. "There are not many salt marshes that people have access to. In fact, salt marshes were created by the receding glaciers, so we're not getting any new salt marshes built. So having this as an intact habitat is a great thing to see if you haven't seen one," says Michael Gambino, curator at the Marshlands Conservancy.
Even though the winter can bring a chill — it also brings a different experience to the marshlands.  "It's definitely worth coming in the winter, there's a lot of quiet in the winter. And with the leaf coverage off, you get more light and the views are nice too," says Gambino.
At the Conservancy, all trails lead to the marshlands, the main attraction and home to wildlife.  "There's a lot of organisms that use it for their life cycles, for protection, for nourishment," explains Gambino.
There's lots to see here - from turkeys picking up seeds blowing from trees to the ducks and a haven for bird watchers. "We're situated on a migratory flyaway when the birds are heading south for the winter or coming back north in the spring, they take a route that brings them in this area, they're always going to be looking for places where they can refuel, so this is one of the habitats that's got enough for them," says Gambino.