Chain reaction: Shoppers still seeing prices soar at supermarkets 1 year into pandemic

Shoppers are seeing prices soar at the supermarket even one year into the pandemic.
Long Islanders who spoke with News 12 at Giunta's Meat Farms in Patchogue say the price and availability of groceries is something that has been top of mind since the height of the pandemic last spring.
According to the latest report from the Consumer Price Index, grocery prices have been on the rise since the shutdowns last spring.
Analysts say the combination of demand spikes and drops in production sent grocery prices up.
Shoppers at the Patchogue supermarket say one item that has seen price fluctuations is milk. They say it's gone up and it's gone down since the start of the pandemic and even more recently, but they also say it's an item they can't do without.
Fran Petitio is the president of a foundation that helps Long Island families in need and says oftentimes, it's not just how much food costs that is a hurdle for some, but also whether those items are even on the shelves.
"We did have for quite some time bare shelves, there was no paper towels, no toilet paper, no tissues. You couldn't even get it online," said Fran Petito of New York Sportscene Children's Foundation.
The manager of the Patchogue supermarket says the supply chain is no longer an issue there, prices have not changed drastically, but shoppers are still buying those pandemic staples like cleaning and paper products -- although not at the same rate.
"It's getting back to normal, little by little," said Fernando Cortez.
Analysts add that supply chains are still reeling and repairing from the pandemic. But shoppers say some stores are better stocked than others, it depends on where they are.