Cardiac arrest survivor praises AEDs 25 years after being revived

For one retired nurse and Long Islander, what happened to Damar Hamlin last week is something she's very familiar with.
Julie Lycksell is a CSA survivor. Her sudden cardiac arrest happened 25 years ago while celebrating her birthday at a restaurant in Port Jefferson.
The maître d' called 911, and a nurse who happened to be at the restaurant began CPR. A short time later, a police officer was by her side with an AED or automated external defibrillator.
Moments later, Lycksell would become the first person ever from Suffolk County brought back to life by this device.
The man with the machine that night, Officer James Brierton is now one of Lycksell's friends.
New York state has realized how simple they are to use and how effective they are after Hamlin's sudden cardiac arrest two weeks ago.
Brierton hopes because of Hamlin's case there's a greater appreciation of first responders with AEDs all over the country.
Lycksell is definitely doing her part. She's a CPR instructor and she's raised money to donate several AED's in the community. She's even gone to Albany to lobby for more awareness about these devices.