'Canoes' cause confusion in streets of Hampton Bays

<p>Town trustees say it boils down to a safety issue.</p>

News 12 Staff

Aug 6, 2018, 6:41 PM

Updated 2,121 days ago


Town trustees in Southampton are looking to make changes to separate Hampton Bays roadways that share the same name, citing public safety concerns.
Canoe Place Road runs north to south from Montauk Highway to Argonne Road -- unless you're on the other Canoe Place Road, which runs east to west on the other side of the Shinnecock Canal. There's also a street named Old Canoe Place Road nearby.
Trustees say the Canoe Place glut boils down to a safety issue when it comes to making sure emergency responders quickly get to the right spot.
"Seconds can mean somebody's life, so we want to make sure there's no confusion," says Southampton Town Trustee Scott Horowitz.
The name changes they are eyeing won't be drastic, he adds -- like possibly adding an "east" or "west" to distinguish one road another.
A public hearing on the issue is scheduled for Sept. 5.

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