Canadian woman gets 6 months in jail for harassing LI woman

A Valley Stream woman who was cyberharassed and cyberbullied by a Canadian woman for years says she wants people to know that they should never give up hope.
Lisa-Michelle Kucharz says she became the victim of cyberbullying by a woman she never met.
She says the woman, identified as Dion Jones, was interested in a man Kucharz had a previous relationship with and thought that she was still in a relationship with him. 
The cyberbullying included hundreds of messages laced with graphic insults and threats. They involved numerous aliases, blogs and fake Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts.
Kucharz spent thousands of dollars working with an investigator, which eventually led to Tyson's arrest. She pleaded guilty and is now serving six months in jail. 
According to the Pew Research Center, adult cyberstalking is a disturbing trend with 40 percent of adult internet users reporting they have experienced online harassment. That includes being called offensive names, being physically threatened, stalked, sexually harassed and harassed for a sustained period.
Kucharz says althouth Tyson is serving time she remains worried about the future. 
"Unfortunately I don't think this will stop her," says Kucharz. 
She says she is now working to get the message out to others about cyberharassment and ways to stop it.